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About the CVG Nation AppUpdated 22 days ago

Welcome to CVG NATION!

A platform for you to get inspired, motivated, and connect with your CVG sisters - without the distractions of a typical social media platform.

A few things:
1) The group is separated into different categories of interest. You can be a part of as many as you’d like! If you join a subgroup, you will see it’s content displayed in your general newsfeed.

2) You will see many friendly faces here you already know from our fb group. However, our app allows “usernames” so if you choose one that is not your actual name, feel free to introduce yourself!

3) Explore the features in any way you’d like. Our app has many similarities to other social media platforms (gifs, videos, tags, messaging, etc.) - but significant differences (followers, custom newsfeed, etc.) as well.

4) We have a rules list available that we would encourage all new members to read and review.

We'd love to have you as a member of our community!

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