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About the Thick Thighs Save Lives PodcastUpdated 22 days ago

Each week Kelsea and Rachael explore and challenge conventional standards surrounding women's wellbeing. They'll keep you learning, laughing, entertained, and motivated. Some episode with include special guests who are brought in to share their expert advice. 

New listeners...check out these episode favorites: 

EP15: Abs Aren't Made in the Kitchen 

EP72: Beauty Is Not the Rent We Pay to Exist 

EP118: Do You Have Imposter Syndrome? 

EP159: Be Bad at Something and Enjoy It 

EP172: It's Better For Everyone If I Workout in Pants 

EP175: Unfuck Your Brain with Kara Loewentheil 

EP179: Why Don't You Trust Yourself? 

EP222: Metabolism & Fat Loss - We've Been Doing It Wrong 

You can now tune in and watch them on YouTube as well to see them in action or you can sit back and just listen.

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