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Returns and Refunds: ZipUpdated 22 days ago

Requesting a Refund

To initiate a return for refund please process your request through CVG's Return Portal.

Refunds are initially applied to your final installment. If additional funds are due to you the refund is applied to your third, second and first installment (if needed) until the full refund amount has been credited.

Full Refunds and Partial Refunds

Should you return your entire CVG order for a full refund, the refund will be  processed and issued once your package has been received, reviewed and the refund finalized. 

Once the refund has been finalized your outstanding installment payments for the order will be cancelled. 

If any installment payments were made before the refund was issued, a refund will be issued to the payment method that was used for the order. 

This will happen within 13 days of us receiving the funds from the merchant (not 13 days from when you receive a refund email).

If you're returning your order for a partial refund, Zip would cancel any remaining payments (if applicable) and issue a refund based on what has been paid, returned, and kept from the order.

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