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About Fitness Programming by CVGUpdated 22 days ago

Welcome to Fitness Programming by CVG! 

This group is full of badass women that motivate & inspire through words and actions. 

Every woman in our community is ready to cheer you on and celebrate wherever you are in your fitness journey. 👏👏👯‍♂️👯
We also have ️experienced coaches in the group available to answer any of your fitness and nutrition questions.

Not on Facebook but want to check us out?!

Oh. And we want to reward you for working hard, so we giveaway a ton of shit!

1. Each week we release a free workout to the group. Submit a picture or video of you completing the workout in the comments and you are entered to win the giveaway that week. You can find this week’s giveaway under “pinned post”. The workouts are released on Thursdays and we pick the winners in a live announcement on the following Wednesday.

2. If you are looking for some great workouts we have all of our episodes archived under the file section.

↪️We want to set the record straight for health and wellness. No fad diets or magical fixes just good information to help you improve your life and health. No bullshit.

⚙️We have an entire movement library designed to help you move better and improve your workouts. Kelsea and Rachael release several instructional videos in the group to improve your movement.

❤️If you are just coming into the group this is a MUST WATCH made by the members of the group: Tell Us How You Really Feel 🥰 

✔️❎For a complete list of Group Rules and what the group is for please go to Albums.
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