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Facebook Group: Fitness Programming by CVG

About Fitness Programming by CVG

Not on Facebook but want to check us out?!. TTSL Daily: Fitness Programming. Fitness Programming by CVG Group Rules. More Questions?. Contact Us Here

Join us on our App and on Facebook!

If you'd like to join our group, you can search 'Fitness Programming by CVG' and you will have the option to click 'Join.'. If you're not on Facebook and still want to be a part of our group, no problem! You can also download our free CVG Nation app

Bitch Lasagna (BL): What Does it Mean?

We get this question a lot!. Bitch lasagna (also known as BL) originates from a video that was shared on Youtube. The term was first used within our group in October of 2017 as a term of endearment, and has stuck ever since!. More Questions?. Contact

Can I Send a Gift to a Group Member?

Want to send a gift to a group member but not sure what to get or where to send it?. No problem! The best way to do this is to purchase a CVG E-Gift Card. CVG E-Gift Card. Once you've placed your gift card order you can Contact Us with the group memb

Where to Find Us When We Go Live

Each Wednesday we go live on Instagram and Facebook to connect with Group Members and non Group Members to talk about new happenings within our community! Sometimes we even give away some gear away. Who doesn't love free gear?!. To make sure you know

What Are CVG Group Rules?

1. All posts MUST be fitness or health related. The ENTIRETY of your post must be fitness or health related. Posts that do not fit this criteria will be deleted. Example: Rants, adorable kids, animals etc. with a mention of fitness. 2. Don't Mention,