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What Are CVG Group Rules?Updated 22 days ago

1. All posts MUST be fitness or health related

The ENTIRETY of your post must be fitness or health related. Posts that do not fit this criteria will be deleted. Example: Rants, adorable kids, animals etc. with a mention of fitness.

2. Don't Mention, link or promote competitor products

The CVG staff dedicates everything we have to this page. Please respect us by refraining from promoting other fitness companies. Posts/comments that link other brands will be removed.

3. This looks like a post/question we've seen before

Please find answers to commonly asked questions by searching keywords in the search feature in the group. Example: "What's the best fitbit" "How to count macros?". Duplicate posts will be denied.

4. This looks like an issue for CVG Support

Sizing questions, questions about returns, product questions etc. Should all be directed to support please email- [email protected]

5. No buying selling trading

We don't allow you to post any workout gear for sale, trade or giveaway. Please make no mention of it in your posts.

6. Violates group philosophy

Positivity is king here. If your post contains a "rant" or a negative reflection of another person it will not be approved. If it does not align with the philosophies of the staff, its a no go.

7. This is a question for a medical professional

The group is qualified to motivate, inspire, and cheer you on every step of your journey. However, we are not qualified to give medical advice. Please seek the care/opinion of a professional.

8. Shipping Notifications

CVG pretties on their way? HELL YEAH! We are so pumped for you. Please post a pic when they arrive rather than your shipping notification to keep our group content awesome and engaging for others 😃

9. Please check your inbox! 

A member of the CVG staff has messaged you with feedback about your post. Please check your messages (including approval folder) for more explanation.

10. FB Guideline Violation

Certain keywords, even when used in a loving/joking context, flag Facebook's community guidelines as a violation. These violations put our group at risk of shutdown. Please edit to omit any keywords that could be considered offensive (even if that is not the intent). Restrictions like this are why we created our CVG nation app. If you’d like to join, we’d love to have you. All swears permitted 😜

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