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Cash Back

Does CVG Offer Cash Back?

We do!. To receive cash back in the form of a CVG E-gift Card or Visa Gift Card, you would have to activate your offer by clicking on 'You Get Cash Back!'. This offer would be located at the bottom of your screen. More Questions?. Contact Us Here

How Do I Activate and Get My Offer?

Once your purchase has been completed with eligible products for Cash Back, you will receive an email to select your Cash Back option. You can choose a Prepaid Visa or a CVG E-gift card. You have 6 months to select your Cash Back method. Once selecte

Can Cash Back be Combined with Other Offers?

No. Cash Back cannot be combined with any additional discount codes or discount offers. To see the complete Cash Back Offer Terms please click on the link below. Related Article: Cash Back Offer Terms. More Questions?. Contact Us Here

How Do I Know if My Purchase Qualifies?

If your purchase qualifies for Cash Back you will see a notification in your cart at checkout. You can also view your Cash Back details to verify the item(s) in your order that qualify for Cash Back. More Questions?. Contact Us Here

How Do I Redeem My Offer?

Once you've received your Cash Back email, you will be given the option to Choose Your Reward Card. If you have additional questions you can click on Cash Back FAQs or you can reply directly to your received email. More Questions?. Contact Us Here